Dear Parents

On Wednesday 22 November all children will be taking part in our annual School Athletics Day at Marewa Park.  Our back-up day is Thursday 23 November.  To make it easier to organise, we ask please that your child is dropped off at Marewa Park between 8.30am – 8.45am and walked onto the field to meet their class teacher.  Please do not drive into the small car park, there are plenty of parking spaces on the road.  We will call the class rolls and start competing promptly at 9.15am.  

Your child will need:

  • a named water bottle – water only please
  • morning tea
  • picnic lunch
  • sunscreen
  • appropriate athletic clothing with shoulders covered in house colours
  • (teachers will collect yellow school hats the day before and take them to Marewa Park)

Events will start at 9.15am with children from the Middle Team competing in track events first and children from the Junior and Senior Teams competing in field events first.  After morning tea (approx. 10.50am), the teams will swap events.  We would like to invite all parents to join us for a picnic lunch at Marewa Park at approximately 12.30pm – 1pm.  (Please note there will be no lunch online on this day.)  After this we will finish the day with house relays and results.

  • 8.30am-8.45am: Children dropped off by parents
  • 9.15am: Events start
  • 10.50am: Morning tea
  • 12.30pm: Lunch
  • 2.30pm: Children picked up from Marewa Park by parents / HASCAP children return to school

This promises to be a fun day with that competitive edge to it.  It will be an inter house event, where each child who competes will gain points for their house and the first 3 in each event will gain extra points.  Please encourage your child to wear safe, sensible athletic clothes in their house colours.  T-shirts should have sleeves so that shoulders are covered.  You are welcome to roam around between the track and field events, but please stay out of competition areas.  I have included the planned timetable for the day, but please be aware that these are only approximate times.

Pick-up at 2.30pm:  Please indicated who will pick up your child from Marewa Park at 2.30pm, or if they will be attending HASCAP.  Any child not picked up by 2.40pm will be transported back to school.  The school is arranging transport for the HASCAP students.

Teresa Cuthbert


Please click the room number below to open the permission form for each child.

Room 1 - Mrs Scott
Room 2 - Ms Golding   
Room 3 - Mrs Chard
Room 4 - Mrs Floden
Room 5 - Mrs Edmundson
Room 6 - Mr Schulberg
Room 7 - Mrs Hunter
Room 9 - Miss Cuthbert
Room 10 - Mrs Bauerfeind & Mrs Sewell
Room 11 - Mrs Devery
Room 12 - Mr Burns
Room 13 - Mrs Perry & Ms Taylor
Room 14 - Miss Offenbach

Timetable of Events (approximate times only)