Following on from the success of last year, we are pleased to be able to offer flute lessons again with Emily Boyle for children in Years 4-6, with the aim of them joining the school orchestra in the future.  Places will be allocated first to those children who received lessons in 2017, then on a first-come first-served basis.  Please note: places fill up really quickly!

My daughter, Emily, has played the flute for 4 years and is a member of the NGHS orchestra and Napier Tech Band and is available to give flute lessons (2 beginners per group) at Napier Central on Mon, Tue, Wed or Thu 8am-8.20am at $5 per lesson.  The school has 5 flutes available for children wanting to learn.  In order to cover maintenance and repair costs, flute hirage is $10 each term.  This is a great opportunity for your child to try the flute without the initial expense of buying an instrument.  Lessons will start in Week 3 of Term 1.

You may enrol your child for Term 1 by emailing me the following information (tcuthbert@napiercentral

-      your child’s full name, year level and room number

-      if your child is a beginner or has played before

-      if you need to borrow a school flute

-      parent’s name and contact number

This year, to reduce paper usage and avoid letters going missing, all future correspondence about flute lessons will be via email / text.  I will let you know by email if your child has / hasn’t been given a lesson time, by Fri 9 Feb.


Teresa Cuthbert             tcuthbert@napiercentral