Year 5-6 Swimming Sports

We will once again be holding our Senior Swimming Sports Day (for Years 5-6) at Ocean Spa on Tuesday 20 February, starting promptly at 9am.  Please drop your child off at Ocean Spa between 8.15am – 8.30am on Tuesday morning (there will be no HASCAP this morning for children in Y5-6).  The events will be finished by 12 o’clock, when we plan to have a picnic lunch followed by a free swim for all competitors.  Once the children are changed, we plan to finish the day by announcing the results of the championship races and the house competition.  Please indicate below who will pick up your child from Ocean Spa at 2.15pm or if they are to go to HASCAP.

Each child will choose (with the guidance of their teacher) to compete in standard or championship races, depending on their ability and speed.  The standard races will be swum over either a width, 1 length (25m) or 2 lengths (50m) and all children will gain house points.  Standard swimmers will choose 3 events to take part in.

Championship races will be swum over 2 lengths (50m) covering 4 events (freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and Individual Medley).  These children will have already met the qualifying standards to be championship swimmers during the previous week at school.  They will swim semi-finals and finals.  Championship swimmers will be awarded championship points for each race they enter (up to 4 races) and the Swimming Champions for 2018 will be the girl and boy with the most points.  Please note: this may not be a Year 6 child.

Children should arrive at Ocean Spa wearing their togs under their t-shirt in house colours.  In 1 bag should be: 1 towel, warm jersey, underwear and any other clothing to change into afterwards.  In a 2nd bag should be your child’s named morning tea, named drink bottle, goggles and a named second towel, as the children will take these to where they sit.  They will wear their school hat which their teacher will take to Ocean Spa.  Please do not send any chocolate or money with your child on this day.  Please provide your child with sun-screen and we strongly recommend a rash-top to protect them from the sun as they will be swimming at the hottest part of the day.  We will give several reminders throughout the day to re-apply sun-screen. 

The only supportive banners we will take will be organised by the house leaders.  Please note that wigs, smaller banners etc will not be used due to the problem of litter.

We hope that this format will cater for all abilities, giving the better swimmers a real challenge, while at the same time being a fun day for all.

Thank you for your continued support.

Teresa Cuthbert  (On behalf of Year 5-6 Teachers)


(Please hand this form into the class teacher. One form per child.)

I give permission for my child ________________________  Room ___ to take part in the Senior Swimming Sports Day at Ocean Spa on Tuesday 20 February.

My child ___________________ will be picked up from Ocean Spa on 20 February at 2.15pm by ____________________________


My child ___________________ will go to HASCAP and be transported back to school in teacher’s cars.

Signed _______________________________ (Parent / Guardian)

Name ________________________________________________


Cellphone ___________________________