We appreciate your support by paying the school donation.  Our financial position is always challenged by being a high decile school. We rely on your support and we will ensure the money is spent to benefit our students.  In 2017 we plan to spent donation funds on 

- digital devices / e-learning school wide
- increased shade areas
- new library books

The suggested donation per student for 2017 is $110.

How to pay

You can either pay in the office or deposit the money directly into our School Donations bank account, ASB 12-3144-0212524-01.  Please include your child/ren's name and room number. 

Click on your bank below to go straight to online banking


Uniform Sales

You can order directly through Academy Apparel, or our uniform shop will be open in the hall on Monday 23rd January and Friday 27th January from 2 - 3pm.

Stationery Sales

Class stationery packs will be available from Hawke's Bay Office Products, 44 Wakefield St, Onekawa from January 16, 2017.  There will be NO stationery packs available to buy from the school office.

Download the Office Products Info Sheet

Where to buy stationery


Stationery Costs

Rm 1 (Roz McLaren) $30
Rm 2 (Leigh Golding) $30
Rm 3 (Christ Chard) $25
Rm 4 (Lynne Floden) $28
Rm 6 (Eddie Schulberg) $30
Rm 7 (Shelley Hunter) $30
Rm 9 (Teresa Cuthbert) $25
Rm 10 (Sonia Bauerfeind) $25
Rm 11 (Nerolee Devery) $27
Rm 12 (Cameron Burns) $27
Rm 13 (Jane Taylor/Liz Perry) $30
Rm 14 (Katrina Offenbach) $30