On Monday 11 March, 2019 we launched the “MOVE IT” programme at our school assembly.

We are working in partnership with the Napier City Council hoping to achieve a couple of key goals.

1) Get kids more active arriving to school and leaving school.

2) Build a little more independence in our children.

3) Improve safety around the school roads.

4) Lesson traffic congestion especially around Napier Terrace entrance and Kipling Ave, between 8.15am - 8.50am and again in the afternoon from 3.00pm - 3.20pm.

A map should have come home with your child. It outlines the

  • Drop Off / Pick Up Zones

  • No parking zones

  • Park and come in to school zone along Napier Terrace south of the school.

The zones were decided by traffic experts after observation surveys of traffic patterns.

We recommend you make a plan for your family. Family needs will vary according to the age and maturity of your children. What is a safe and active plan that suits your family? Hopefully your child will have some ideas too because they are learning about this in class.

Safety is important. For example we still expect to see many parents of Junior students parking on Napier Terrace (South ) and walking into school to pick up there young children.

Two students with mobility challengers have permission to drop off and pick up on the Kipling road entrances.

We are encouraging you to support an initiative to get kids more active, independent and help lessen traffic congestion around school.

Please scroll down to see Drop Off Zones Map attached.

Many thanks

Ross McLeod

Principal - Napier Central School


NCS Drop Off Zones.JPG