About rocket maths

Rocket Maths is designed to help ensure your child gains instant recall of basic facts needed for everyday life.  It contains not only those all important times tables that all children have learned since schooling began but also other important facts that we also “just need to know”.

Instant recall means three seconds or less per question.  More than three seconds is not instant recall.

Listed below are the main points of how Rocket Maths works.

  • Rocket Maths is divided into eight ‘Capsule Checkpoints’.
  • Each ‘Capsule’ is divided into a number of ‘Burners’. 
  • There is an overview of the levels on your child’s classroom wall.
  • Once a week your child can try to pass the Burner level they are on. 
  • When they have passed all the ‘Burners’ in a particular ‘Capsule’ then they can try to pass the ‘Capsule Checkpoint’.
  • A ‘Capsule Checkpoint’ must be passed before moving on to the next group of ‘Burners’.
  • Each ‘Burner’ is 10 questions in 40 seconds.
  • Each ‘Capsule Checkpoint’ is 40 questions (a mixture of all the ‘Burners) in 2 minutes 40 seconds.
  • A pass is 100%.