message to prospective parents

We believe in being true to our school motto of ‘lay well thy foundation’, and giving our students the best possible start.

The school places emphasis on providing a balanced curriculum, covering academic, cultural and sporting arenas. We are well down the path to adapting our curriculum to the ‘new’ New Zealand Curriculum standards.

The school places a lot of emphasis in developing a partnership between the school and home in the development of your child, recognising that it is through collaboration that we give children every opportunity to reach his or her potential.

Years 1 to 6 are your child’s most formative years and I firmly believe between Napier Central School’s balanced curriculum and the partnership we nurture between the home and school, we are well poised to ‘lay well thy foundation’ for your child and ensure they realise their individual potential.

Ross McLeod, Principal

PLEASE NOTE:  We cannot send out Enrolment Packs to until your child is 6 months away from starting primary school.  If you are out of zone, please contact the office first on 06 835 8136 to discuss out of zone availability.



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Napier Central School has an Enrolment Zone.  To enrol your child at Napier Central School please contact the school office on 835 8136 and we will be happy to help answer any questions. Out of zone enrolment applicants should email the school office or write a letter requesting a place at our school. If there are too many applicants for the number of places available a ballot will be held. 

A precise description of the home zone may be viewed in the school office, on school noticeboards or downloaded. Proof of residence within the home zone will be required for all enrolments.