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Napier Central School


Napier Central School

welcome to our school

Napier Central School is one of New Zealand's oldest schools and boasts a proud tradition of giving our children the best possible start.  The foundation we set for your child's future is firmly grounded on a broad educational platform.

Our school values are encouraged, lived and regularly reviewed by everyone in our school.  The values are represented by the word RIPE.


Our Whakatauki for 2019

“E koe koe te tui, E kete kete te kaka, E kuku te kereru”

By appreciating all our voices, our different songs - we make great music for the future.

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Learning at Napier Central

Learning at Napier Central

Learning at Napier Central is both exciting and stimulating, and takes place within a warm and caring environment in which both boys and girls flourish. Our students consistently track above the national average in reading, writing and mathematics.  We focus on maintaining a balanced and challenging curriculum that brings out the best in each individual and equips students to be valuable, contributing members of the community.


Students are encouraged to take responsibility for their learning and to talk confidently to teachers, peers and parents about what they have learned.  Our teaching approaches lay a strong foundation for all our children to realise their full potential.

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We pride ourselves on a high level of sporting and cultural opportunities.



Our school holds a proud tradition of producing a polished musical production, delivered in a ‘real theatre’ environment for the students to experience the thrill of performing on a live stage. Musicals are held every second year at the Napier Municipal Theatre.  2019’s production is Cinderella Rockerfella later this year.


We have a school choir which meets regularly during the school year to practice songs to present at assemblies and at special events.


We have a strong school orchestra which meets regularly during the school year to practice songs to present at assemblies and at special events. Tuition in individual instruments is held on Friday mornings and full orchestra practice at lunchtime.


We have an enthusiastic Kapa Haka group (year 2 up) which meets weekly during the school year to practice Waiata and Haka, which they perform at assemblies, festivals and special occasions. We regularly participate in the Ngati Kahunguna Kapa Haka Festival.


Napier Central School has a sound sporting reputation and offers a wide variety of sporting activities and challenges.

Winter codes include:

  • Netball

  • Hockey

  • Cross Country

  • Barefoot Rugby

  • Rippa Rugby

  • Soccer

Summer codes include:

  • Swimming

  • Cricket

  • Softball

  • Futsal

  • Volleyball

  • Tabloid Sports

  • Athletics

  • Gymnastics

  • Tennis

At times the spaces available on teams is limited. We also need support for coaching the sport teams so please let us know if you can assist with coaching in one of the codes.

As well as our own football and rugby teams, many students also play for local teams under the Club system. Please make enquiries at local clubs if your child is interested in these sports.


Other Activities

Students can also be involved in chess, or learn a musical instrument, including the guitar, drums and violin.

We have opportunities throughout the year for activities like archery, visiting author events, book fairs and every year we have teams enter the BP Technology Challenge.


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The School Day

The School Day

At 8.20am the children are able to enter the school grounds and sit on the benches until the bell rings at 8.30am, at which time they can enter the school buildings.  At 8.50am the second bell rings and all children head to their classroom. Breaks are at 10.40am for a 20 minute morning break, 12.30pm - 1.30pm for lunch and then the bell goes to end the school day at 3.00pm.

A typical day at school might look like this...