School Facilities and resources

School Map

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The e-Learning programme has evolved over the last three years with the introduction of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) in Years 5 and 6. Children have the option of bringing a Chromebook or iPad to class.

The school has purchased a large range of iPads and Chromebooks for the middle and junior teams as well. Devices are used to support learning and teaching activities through out the school. The new wireless infrastructure allows connectivity in all areas of the school. There is a blend of interactive whiteboards and digital wide screen TVs in all classrooms to enhance our children's learning.


The Library is attractive, well resourced and user friendly. Classrooms are timetabled to visit the library once per week where students are given the opportunity to select reading books for pleasure. The library is also open during lunch breaks. Senior students are trained to become library monitors to assist during library times. Jane Barr is our part-time librarian and Jane Taylor is the teacher in charge of the library.

Play areas

The school has a modern adventure playground near the school entrance on Napier Terrace, a second adventure playground beside rooms 13 & 14, a new play area to promote imagination at the bottom end of the school, a sandpit, two main court areas, two fields and a synthetic cricket practice net.

Other vital resources

A swimming pool used during the summer months by classes and over the holidays by the school community. 

A school hall used for whole school and syndicate assemblies, choir and orchestra practices, gymnastics and volleyball training and a multitude of other activities.