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Caregiver Portal Information

Access to the edge caregiver portal uses the existing email address that NCS has on record.

The edge caregiver portal allows you to view school information about your child(ren), and to pay school bills online. The portal gives you easy and quick access to the information for students in your household.

The student data displayed does depend on the settings that NCS is utilizing through this website.

Logging in uses the secure OpenId and Facebook Connect protocols to connect an existing online account you already have, with edge. Read more:

To login:

  1. Enter the website  into your browser

  2. Click the icon (either g+ for google, Yahoo, facebook or Windows Live), that is associated with the email you have supplied to the school. If you haven’t given us an email address, or are unsure about the detail please contact the school office. If you don’t have your own email (or yours isn’t associated with the four above), they are all free, easy to sign up to and don’t necessitate you using that email for other purposes

  3. Once you have put in your email address for the first time, hit “forgot password”. Edge will then send you a password link to use which you can then reset.

  4. A popup will appear asking for your login details. On entering this correctly the edge caregiver home page opens 

Select one of your children from the top row. Each student’s summary data is displayed in separate tabs - we currently subscribe to: Student Summary, Attendance and School Payments.

The ‘School Payments’ page shows a balance and list of items owing for which the student has been billed. You’ll be able to pay anything owing from the ‘School Payments’ page.  This page displays financial transactions for your child, with the balance due reflecting the amount totalled for your children at this school.