The wearing of the school uniform is a condition of enrolment at Napier Central School.

The uniform and hat can be purchased either by:

  • Completing an order form at the School Office if new to the school

  • Ordering directly from Academy Apparel online

Please name all clothing. 


  • School polo shirt

  • School polar fleece

  • Navy skort or shorts

  • Navy unisex long pants

  • Yellow broadbrimmed hat for Term 1 and Term 4

  • Dark shoes or sneakers or sandals (with strap across)

  • Navy Socks

Optional / Accessories

  • Soft shell jacket

  • Polar fleece vest

  • Dark Navy tights (for girls)

  • Thermal undergarments - Navy

  • Hair - that is touching or beyond the collar should be tied up, off the face. Any fringe that grows in front of the eyes, past the eyebrows should clipped back.

  • Headbands / Headpieces - navy blue, white or yellow.

  • Jewellery - stud earrings - watches - Medic Alert bracelet

  • Item of family, cultural or religious significance - ( after consultation with the principal)

  • No other jewellery is permitted.

Uniform Allowance

  • The BOT have a fund available to families who are facing hardship. The fund will help to purchase school uniform items. Please apply in writing to the BOT Chair and Principal for consideration.

Example of correct uniform

Example of correct uniform